Children’s exhibition “Beloved kids!” In English

We are proud and happy that you found our homepage for the children’s exhibition “Älskade ungar!” (directly translated to English: “Beloved kids!).

This year’s exhibition will take place 23-24 September 2016. It’s an exhibition for everything that makes life easy, interesting and valuable for kids and their families.

Name of the children’s exhibition: Älskade ungar! (“Beloved kids!”)
Date: 23-24 September 2016
City: Örebro, Sweden
Main organisers: Therese Wickman & Anders Rostedt / Rowick AB
Therese Wickman is a well-established swedish blogger. She writes about her life, as a single mum with two marvelous kids. Until recently, she worked with kids, as  a preschool teacher for about 10 years. Now she dedicates her life to work with this exhibition and focus even more on her blogging. This is also a corner stone of the children’s exebition, that Therese is capable of creating a live event and adding lots of valuable social media interaction.
Exhibition area: Conventum Arena
This exhibition’s specialty: Focus on utilizing social media for an actual, real event, where you as an exhibitor also will be able to interact with your customers directly. VIP bloggers and important activities are being established in an early phase ensuring for high quality and a clear marketing goal.

Since we would love to invite exhibitors from all parts of the world, this page will be filled with more information during the process.
In case you are eager to know more about the children’s exhibition right now, we ask you to kindly contact us directly:

Welcome on board!

Örebro, Sweden
Conventum Arena, Örebro
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